America 's Equal Opportunity For The Education System Essay

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America prides itself in the "equal opportunity" it provides for its citizens. Anyone must be able to get a quality education, get jobs they want, and be productive members of society. However, there has been debate lately on how equal the opportunities are for the majority of American citizens. Many Americans have a harder time getting the quality education they deserve because of their social or economic status. Many employers value formal educations, but the majority of lower class citizens are not given the chance to pursue them due to their social class. The amount of money a family or community has is too prominent in America 's education system to truly have a fair chance for all. Brent Staples, in his essay “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s”, and Lynda Berry, in her essay “The Sanctuary of School”, are part of the nationwide discussion of how important money should really be in the education system. In our country, the economic status of a household dictates the education a person receives and how it shapes their lives because of what they, along with society, value. The level of education a student acquires over the course of their life plays a massive part in the choices and the professions they are allowed throughout the rest of their life. At this point in history, higher paying positions of any profession require a college degree. If a lower class citizen couldn’t afford higher education, and didn’t get a quality education at a public school, it

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