America 's Expectations Regarding Public Education

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Over the centuries, education has changed based on the demands of the citizens during a specific time. As Americans become more informed (educated), their opinions, ideas, and thinking change. America’s expectations concerning public education have evolved as well. The demands that are placed on states, districts, and leadership are becoming more intense; yet, our culture still believes that public education is faltering.
Educating, empowering, and engaging students to be successful in a global, dynamic world is an overarching theme in the 21st century. However, our curricular standards are not keeping pace with the expansion of technology. School improvement is a topic of collegial conversations across the board and yet
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So because of the lack of state and district support, leadership at the school level does not have the ability or the right setting to lead school improvement efficiently and effectively. This results in leadership trying to take an attitude of enforcing a top down approach with the policies and procedures placed in their hands and then defining them with a lack of focus. On the other hand, there is leadership with no clear direction or support from above, but expected to achieve the same unrealistic results.
State departments of education must be able to build capacity within their state by providing districts the essentials for developing a clear vision of what their schools’ futures entail, and the necessary components of professional development for leadership and teachers to create their own goals at the local level. Once this is accomplished, states need to hold the districts and local levels accountable, including themselves.
The states need to look at themselves on how they will be able to fix the dilemma of education within their districts. With pressure from the federal level, education leaders at the state level try to overhaul their schools with the approach of looking at individual failing schools instead of the issues across their districts. As long as a state remains focused on the wrong issues, schools will fail and those that are deemed as making yearly progress will only continue to
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