America 's First Energy Plan

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In “Goodbye to the Climate,” Robert N. Stavins, expresses his worry about President Trump’s “America First Energy Plan”. This plan will have an effect on United States’ climate change programs, and remove the United States from the Paris agreement. This article will be used to explain content from the public goods chapter. This discussion will cover climate change, define what a public good is, the free rider problem, and tragedy of the commons and how it relates to this article. If President Trump follows through his “America Free Energy Plan” promise it will undo a majority of President Obama’s actions to reduce the United States greenhouse gas emissions. Thus having a negative influence on the climate. Another problem that can occur is…show more content…
A common problem with public goods is the free rider problem. The free rider problem occurs when people want to use a public good, but do not want to pay for it. The reduction of greenhouse gasses should be a global effort. The benefits are vague and provided in the future, there is little incentives to reduce emission. If the Trump administration disregards America’s pledge to reduce carbon emission by 26 to 28 percent, the United States can save millions of dollars on climate policies but increase the threat to the planet. This can lead to other countries not meeting their emission quota. If a majority of the nations who signed the Paris agreement goes back on their promise, a market failure will occur, producing an inefficient result. If too many countries become free riders, the cost of the remaining countries will increase trying to reduce emission. This will then exceed the benefits for the counties to fix the climate problem. Eventually leading to the climate problem being too large for the few remaining countries to solve on their own. Another problem with public goods is the tragedy of the commons. The tragedy of the commons occurs when individual people or parties disregard the well-being of the society in pursuing personal gains. When every country tries to gain the most benefits from abusing the climate, the demand will rapidly consume the supply of the resource, due to the country not
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