America 's First Narcotics War Essay

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Around the 1900’s the United States was being flooded with multiple feelings, which created an ongoing battle between tension and morals. These conflicts contributed to what is known as the “noble experiment”, which involved alcoholic products. These continuing conflicts left the population feeling unstable. Instead of dealing with these problems at hand our nation decided to turn to the state for a helping hand. Struggling with a mass immigration increase and the rise to industrialism and capitalism was hard enough on our own, but we also had to somehow stabilize the nation’s social order to prevent further social conflicts. Due to slightly failing on stabilizing our social order our nation’s society decided to campaign against alcohol and start the nation’s first narcotics war. By doing this it was believed that the overall rate of corruption, violence and crime would decrease and solve our social problems. Looking back on history, the way things occurred shows that this time it was more than a slight fail. An era for becoming ideally perfect swept across the nation due to religion practices. Around 1820 and 1830 massive changes were taking place. Motions for slavery being abolished were made and even an increase in support for a temperance movement occurred. Massachusetts was one of the first states to pass a law for temperance. This law banned not only the sale of spirits, but they also had size limits as well. Massachusetts temperance law was actually repealed two years

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