America 's Foreign Policy Should Embrace The Liberty Of Inferior Races

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As the United States transformed physically from industrialization and competition to secure international markets a new political global hierarchy in the Imperial Age began to form. World power at this time was often accumulated by Nations dominated by the Anglo Saxon races. This power often came at the expense of minorities in non-industrialized Nations. The forceful acquisition of territories by more advanced Nations often resulted from racists theories of white superiority. Notions of white superiority evolved from philosophies like Social Darwinism and were used to support the White Man’s burden or duty to civilize less developed peoples. America in an effort to compete with European Nations on the Global stage obtained several territories from its victory in the Spanish America War. The acquisition of the Philippines in particular, sparked competing interpretations of the definition liberty and its proper administration in these new U.S. Territories. As well as, ignited debates among intellectuals, politicians and the American people over the role America’s foreign policy should embrace in the World Stage. Ultimately, Imperialists championed American foreign policy that restricted the liberty of inferior races, propelling America to embrace its duty to civilize the world as a Global Power. At the same time, anti-imperialists pursued foreign policy measures to expand liberty for native peoples in U.S. Territories insisting imperialism violated America’s founding…
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