America 's Form Of Government

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America 's form of government is not that obvious anymore, nevertheless, one thing is for sure; it is definitely making the idea of democracy, an obscure, abstract version of itself. A Democratic government provides every citizen of legal age with the free and equal right to play a role in a system that elects representatives of the population. It is done so by the majority of people’s votes, which promise to meet their will. America gives the impression to be headed in the orientation of Plutocracy. This special form of government believes that a society should be somewhat governed by its wealthiest members. Over the past decades, the Supreme Court has allowed those who provide ridiculous sums of money to “buy” the elections, rather than the will of the population. Income inequality is still increasing, the middle class is vanishing, and the crazy Republican Party continue to do everything in their power to block raising the minimum wage for what makes the majority of the United States; the hard working Americans. So far, women still don 't make equal pay for equal work, and CEOs make absurd remuneration, while workers are sadly forced for greater productivity and for far less money. Rich people are getting richer, while the poor (or working-class) are barely living from paycheck to paycheck. So, does this form of government respond to our interests? It would be hard to believe so.
The founders who wrote the constitution of the United States shared a passionate
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