America 's Freedom Of Freedom

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Since 2011, the Freedom House has classified Mexico as a purple, or a “not free” country in its annual Freedom of the Press report. The upraise of violence in the country, stemmed from its war against drugs, has threatened Mexico’s freedom of expression and practice of journalism, undermining the foundations of the country’s democracy. During the last 12 years, 82 journalists have been murdered, 18 have disappeared and there have been 33 attacks on media outlets according to the National Human Rights Comission.
The legal system in Mexico is so weak and fragmented that those responsible for the attacks on journalists rarely face consequences. The lack of rule of law aggravates the fear of the brave journalists that risk their lives daily to report the harsh truths of what really happens in the country. These journalists deserve and should be protected by their government, but Mexican journalists don’t only have the drug cartel’s as their enemies, but corrupt government officials as well.
Members of international institutions like the United Nations and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have urged Mexican authorities to do more to ensure that freedom of expression in the country is protected. It is important to understand the government’s involvement in the war on drugs and the role of the country’s legal system to understand how Mexico’s war on drugs has jeopardized the lives of hundreds of journalists.
In the following essay I will research the
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