America 's Great Canal : The Erie Canal

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America’s Great Canal: The Erie Canal During the 1800’s there was no clear passage to take from New York to the American west. This created an issue as the expense to transport goods such as wheat and flour would be a costly amount of approximately $100 per ton. Due to the Appalachian Mountains New York was secluded from much of western America. The Canal took approximately nine years to be completed, despite funding issues that were presented the canal proved to be an expense well made. The Erie Canal (Clinton’s Ditch) was a project known to be doubted upon by political figures, yet despite political opposes to the idea, the result of the canal was noted to be America’s greatest engineering achievement of its time, as the increase of economic prosperity arose in New York because of the canal, alongside popularity for the regions that surrounded the canal; the canal proved to be a success. The idea to construct a canal was continuously declined by the federal government, despite’s the benefits that the canal would bring, for this reason New York decided the fund the project on its own. It was important to recognize that New York needed a passage which would make transportation of goods cost efficient. It was also important to make a means for transportation that would put New York as a place for business since it is the only way that states at the time would grow and prosper. The problem although resided on the overall cost to make a canal. It was proposed that the
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