America 's Greatest Weapon Against The Nazi Regime

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When asked about his country’s greatest weapon against the Nazi regime, Winston Churchill didn’t hesitate to respond. He said, “It was what England’s greatest threat had always been… hope.” What Churchill knew, and what all great leaders know, is the most empowering thought a person can receive hope. It is unquestionably the strongest motivational force in all the earth. When hope fills our heart, we dream of a better future. We begin to see possibilities that otherwise would have not been seen. It makes the seemingly impossible become possible. The bravery of all exploration derives from the probability of more. One will never step out into uncharted territory without the belief that they can get to somewhere better. Our country was…show more content…
The presenters shared numerous studies and research that had been conducted on the types of thinking that plagues many who are trapped in its claws. Poverty runs off the assumption that there are not enough financial resources available. Therefore, the hope of a better future becomes impossible in the thinking of the impoverished. If someone does not believe there is a possibility of achievement, they will never even try to attain it. As we were discussing these challenges, I began to realize how poverty is not just isolated to finances, it is a mindset that affects every area of life. Poverty is not a number, and it is a belief. Many organizations have hit a growth barrier because their employees are operating in poverty. Not because of their financial status or compensation, but because they have lost hope in themselves. They are working from a place of lifeless duty rather than hopeful pursuit. George Washington Carver said, “Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” An organization can have all the money in the world yet still be filled with employees who are impoverished in their thinking. We as leaders must communicate the potential of greater impact, greater opportunities, and more magnificent results to progress our teams forward. People have first to believe there is a possibility for a better future to activate their motivation to work toward it. When one believes something is possible, the mind goes to work figuring out every way to make
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