America 's Growth And Development

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History has changed throughout time and has created a long term impact on how we view ourselves and how our story came about. We’ve moved forward and since the 18th century. Americans had written themselves off as a united nation that share common values and beliefs. Especially on Independence. As we open the history books, America 's growth and development counted on the constant failures and hardships it went through. The nation has grown in power, morality, and size. Americans had grown significantly due to our failures and successes we’ve had in the past, along with the determination and strive for a better nation, while we learned from the conquering and enslavement of our own people.
America’s background story is constantly being built upon. Expansion was just the beginning. The United states was to stretch from coast to coast, manifest destiny. Along with the Louisiana purchase we had the Lewis and Clarke expedition. Everyday was something new. Settlers came and the Natives were forced out leading to the Trail of Tears. The United States started off being an immense rural and agricultural nation, but the small population blossomed and spread out like a wildfire. Various ways of transportation came into the picture. During the twenties, there was massive growth both economically and socially. While reading The Great Gatsby, one finds that the setting was during the industrial revolution which led to urbanization and an economic turn. “ This is the valley of ashes- a…
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