America 's High School Education System

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You Work or You Work America’s high school education system is riddled with apathetic and failing students who just go to school simply because they are forced to. These students are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars just to socialize and cause trouble for the other students. The average student will cost taxpayers about 10,297 dollars a year to go through public schooling. With this amount of money being spent on the millions of high school students that are in the country none of it should be wasted on a student that just does not care. Most students who are failing think school is just a waste of their time and would rather spend their energy doing something else such as putting more effort into a job or skipping school. Due…show more content…
In order for a country to have a stable economy, it needs a large workforce to steadily produce economic resources for the country. On average, about 1.3 million students do not graduate high school every year. (Adobe) These students fail to graduate for a number of reasons, but mostly it is because of their failing grades inside of the classroom. After failing to graduate, these 1.3 million students tend to drop out of high school because they just do not care or unable to comprehend the curriculum. But what these students do not understand is that they are substantially hurting themselves and the economy. If these students were taken out of regular schooling and reassign to alternative skill based schools and on worksites; it would boost the nation’s job market rapidly and exponentially. These 1.3 million students could learn how to do blue collar manufacturing and agrarian jobs and basic white collar jobs in a fraction of the time traditional schooling requires. The schooling would not take nearly as long because students would only have to learn basic subjects such as reading, writing, math and the job skill that interests them. This method would potentially increase a spirit of entrepreneurship and small business creation within these individuals. With the nation’s current unemployment rate for teenagers
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