America 's Historic Inaugural Statement

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America’s historic inaugural statement, “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” is a truly seminal appeal to mankind. This line turned the first page of the epochal American saga that has since transformed the world’s moral and political framework. However, today as we bustle through our daily lives, it is easy to take for granted just how fortunate we actually are to be Americans. Despite our domestic and foreign quandaries, America is still so wealthy that our notion of poverty, where even the poor are fed, housed, clothed, and entertained, is well above the squalor that much of the world understands as poverty. Famine, war’s destruction, and other calamities are a relatively foreign concept in the American psyche, and our prosperity has unintentionally disengaged us from true gratefulness for our homeland. In times like these it is prudent to take a moment to reflect on what really matters. What then has made us so fortunate, even exceptional among nations? The United States was founded from the blossoming of western enlightenment, fused with a fresh beginning in the new world, breaking from the rigidity of the old. From its birth this country was meant to be a shining ‘beacon on the hill’ for both its people and the entire globe. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Republic of checks and balances have become a precedent to strive for throughout both the free and free-aspiring world. Our nation’s birth was effectively the first triumph of a

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