America 's Independence Of Independence

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July 4,1776 was the day America would declare its Independence from their mother country England. Thomas Jefferson drafts this Declaration of Independence using as a reference the Scottish declaration. Declaring Independence would mean war between the British empire and “America”. With only 35,000 poorly trained troops and 45,000 militias, no navy, small industry with few financial resources the U.S was able to defeat the British Empire which had 56,000 skilled redcoats, 30,000 hessians, 50,000 loyalists, a royal navy and lots of financial resources. So the question remains how exactly was the U.S able to win its independence against such a huge empire? The American revolutionaries shared a set of political and social values which in essence gave meaning to their actions. In September 1776 British army commander Sir William Howe along with his brother Richard Howe used 32,000 Hessians to attack the American Commander General Gorge Washington (pg.243). The brothers defeated Washington’s army in several battles from Brooklyn Heights to New York where Washington’s army was saved by a storm. By then the battle for independence seemed doomed the British General occupied New York Washington had few men. However, on Christmas night 1776 General Washington decided to cross the Delaware and launch a surprise attack on the Hessians camp at Trenton and succeeded, followed by the victory in Princeton which marked two of his first victories. In the fall of 1777, general Howe planned to…
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