America 's Influence On Television

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During the 1920s, movies grew in popularity in the United States due to their affordability and availability. This led to a general curiosity about the actors’ lives themselves and gave Hollywood a harsh reputation due to all of the scandals that occurred. In the 1950s, movies declined in their popularity and the American public turned their attention toward television. As a result, television became an American staple and TV shows were more convenient than movies, seeing as they could be watched without leaving the house. Now Americans can watch both movies and TV shows at home via DVDs, and are still interested in the personal affairs of the actors and actresses involved. In general, Americans lead and have led themselves into thinking they have a personal bond with the actors due to the fact that they see them on screen so often. This attitude is why many Americans are interested in the personal lives of actors and actresses and invade their privacy so often. Some may argue that this is a problem; Americans have had the ability to neglect both personal and political problems as well as disrupt actors’ lives, but others think that these worries are needless and entertainment is a necessity and learning about the lives of actors is harmless fun. The influence of TV shows and movies on American culture from the 1920s to 1990s was mainly negative as it had average citizens caring about trivial issues in the actors’ lives or in the shows and movies themselves. Americans began
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