America 's Involvement Of The Vietnam War

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“Why? Why was America involved in such brutal war to stop a brand new country from forming? Shouldn 't we support that because that 's what happened to us.” That was my very first question when my grandfather first told me about the most brutal and longest wars America has ever been in, the Vietnam War. America’s involvement in the conflict was to stop the evil and corrupt system of Communism. French forces were dead meat unless America teamed up with them. Unfortunately, this didn 't stop the nonmoral army under Ho Chi Minh. The United Sates did not win the Vietnam War due to strong motivation, Guerrilla warfare, and the political factors in the United States. First off when America fought in the war they were foreigners. Hardly any of them knew anything about Vietnam, the landscape of it or even how to speak the language itself. They were fighting on a landscape that they were not trained for, also, the intense heat and humidity that they were not used to made it much harder. America was over-confident and planning to stay there for only a few years, not 20. To make it even worse for Americans, they had very easy access to Heroine and about 20% of the people who fought in the war took it as relief from a very stressful war. So with all of that, America was not determined to win the war. On the other end, Vietnam was not going to give up even in such a savage war. In their culture, they fought until the last man died, just as they have done before the Vietnam War. They…
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