America 's Juvenile Justice System

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America’s juvenile justice system has been around for ages and has had problems since its creation. The courts have failed to devise a way to help juveniles and keep them from even entering the justice system. More often than not, juveniles are forgotten and never dealt with until they reach the point where they are either going to be placed within the system or receive some sort of diversion or alternative. This is where the problem exists. There needs to be more communication between the different levels of the juvenile justice system. Particularly between the officers that may arrest these juveniles, the probation officers that deal with them, and of course the judge in the court system. The juvenile court is supposed to have provided due process protections along with care, treatment, and rehabilitation for juveniles while protecting society. Yet, there is still considerable doubt as to whether the juvenile justice network can meet these goals (Cox, Allen & Hanser, 2013). To emphasize the fact that the above mentioned three entities need to communicate well and work well with one another, let us look at a case involving a ten year old male that was arrested for shoplifting. Ten year old Charlie was arrested by a juvenile police officer, and charged with several counts of shoplifting at a local convenient store. The total amount of everything stolen equaled over $100. Charlie had never been to court before and this would be his first time appearing in juvenile court.…
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