Nebraska Biocontainment Unit

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The Biocontainment Unit in Nebraska is the one of the nation 's biggest facilities. The Unit was created mainly to defend against bioterrorism, and Dr. Julie Gerberding of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched the construction of the Nebraska Biocontainment Patient Care Unit in 2005. That year, Nebraska was ranked 6th for the bioterrorism preparedness in the country. (Ebola treatment: why America 's largest biocontainment unit is in Nebraska, 2014) The Patient Care Unit was established by Nebraska Health and Human Services, Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center. The University of Nebraska Medical Center has a 10-bed facility on the hospital 's seventh floor, and the unit is provided for people with extremely infectious and hazardous disease. (Nebraska Medicine)
The impaction of the Biocontainment Unit is, faces highly contagious disease in the community and treats those illnesses as quickly as possible with a highly skilled, trained and experienced team. For example, Nebraska Biocontainment Unit had 3 Ebola patients in last year because the unit has the largest isolation facility which includes an air-handling system, high-level filtration and ultraviolet light, autoclaves, a dunk tank for laboratory specimens, etc. In the whole country, there are three biocontainment units, including Nebraska’s; however, they chose to send Ebola patients to the Nebraska unit because of staff, equipment and the way that unit was built.

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