America 's Legal Drinking Age Essay

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Everyone knows that the United States’s drinking age is at 21, much higher than England’s drinking age. Many people believe that we cause way less destructions than the people of England, but that’s not true. We actually cause more accidents and destructions than they do. The United States’s death rate is actually ranked 39 out of 172 countries at 2.91 while England is ranked at 1.70 on a scale of death rate per 100,000. ("ALCOHOL DEATH RATE BY COUNTRY." World Life Expectancy. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Nov. 2016.) In this case, America’s legal drinking age should be lowered. Everyone knows that US’s legal drinking age is at 21, but why are we causing more accidents than a country that has a legal drinking age at 18? Based on the Prevention Research Center, they state, “...young people miss out on the opportunity to learn to drink within family settings where moderate drinking is the norm.” ("Youth Drinking Rates and Problems: A Comparison of ..." N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Nov. 2016.) When drinking at a younger age and are surrounded by family, they teach the younger ones the what and what not to do out there when they are out drinking on their own. Unlike the 21 year olds out there that are barely getting to drink do not have family around to guide them and give them advice on what to do and what not. They can’t be educated like people at the age 18 has the chance to be. It’s more dangerous for them because they were never set out with expectations from anyone like the 18 year olds…
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