America 's Love For Illegal Drugs

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We’ve seen the imagery what seems like daily here in the United States, decapitated bodies hanging off a bridge on a major Mexican Highway, a banner above displaying drug cartel propaganda. The photos of car after car riddled with what seems to be hundreds of bullets, broken and blood smeared windows with bloody sheets covering the bodies of those who were attacked. The violence in Mexico has taken the lives of an estimated hundred thousand people since the official declaration of war made by President Felipe Calderon in 2006. It’s estimated that over sixty thousand deaths occurred during his presidency From December 1, 2006 to November 30, 2012. The drug violence has slowly receded in years after President Calderon’s term ended. But the demand for drugs in the United States is still at an all-time high. America’s love for illegal drugs seem to have the spotlight these days with states like Colorado and Washington legalizing Marijuana and allowing recreational use of Marijuana paving the road for other states to soon follow suit and attempt to decriminalize marijuana in an attempt to boost local economies and lower crime rates. The Office of National Drug Policy estimates that American’s spend over 100 billion dollars each year on recreational drug use, making it the top consumer of recreational drugs of all the western countries. In a poll taken by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 50% of American’s polled stated that they had at some point in their lives tried an…

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