America 's Love Of Americans Towards Dogs

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One of the most amazing things in the United States is the love of Americans towards dogs. According to the 2015-2016 APPA Survey, there were 54.5 million households that own at least one dog, and the estimated number of pet dogs was 77.8 million. Of all pet owners, 66.7% consider their dog to be a family member; whereas, the rest consider their dog to be their pet or companion. Raising a dog seems to be an easy task, but is it indeed? Although humans love their dogs, many end up relinquishing them because they develop various behavior issues. According to the ASPCA, every year approximatively three million dogs enter into the animal shelters across the United States, and about half of them are surrendered by their own owners, of which 65%…show more content…
A pack will be formed by one or two leaders (the alpha), and the rest of the pack, the followers (Hennie 4.). It is important for dog owners to be aware of this fact because once they bring a dog in the family, in its eyes that family becomes its pack, and if no one assumes the alpha position or gives direction, the dog will be forced to take the leadership role because it is mandatory for a pack to have a leader.
There are many cases where people are raising their dogs as their children, giving lots of affection and spoiling them. Nowadays dogs have birthday parties, are being dressed up, or even inherit money after their owner 's death. Is it a bad idea to love a dog as much as a family member? Definitely no! Is it a bad idea for people to humanize their furry companions? Definitely yes! Dogs can be part of the family, but they will never be humans. No matter how much people love their pets, they should not forget about the fact that in the end they are animals, the dog species, and they are totally different than humans. A dog can have a great lifestyle, but most of the time its true needs are not met, and not because the owners do not want to, but because they often do not know what their pet 's needs are. Providing food and shelter and giving lots of affection are far from enough for a dog in order to have its needs fulfilled.
In one of his books, Cesar`s Way, Cesar Millan, a well-known dog behaviorist, writes about a formula that he
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