America 's Motives For The War I

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At the beginning of World War I, the United States of America’s motives for the war was to remain neutral. Neutrality was a decision favored by most Americans during the time. World War I boosted the American economy because the Allies needed ammunition and Americans as their trade partners were to produce it, this will later affect Germany’s decision to continue their strategy of unrestricted submarine warfare on ships. Neutrality was hard to maintain when the United States’ closest trading partner, Britain, was quarantined by German ships. Germany were sinking ships that entered British waters, neutral or not. The Germans resorted to unrestricted submarine warfare against all ships because of the British Naval blockade that was placed in August 1914 intended to starve Germany into surrendering. Due to the blockade the United States’ trade with England and France tripled between 1914 and 1916, while trade with Germany was cut by over ninety percent. The effect of this blockade led Germany to realize that they were going to be forced to surrender despite their success on the battlefield. This strategy of unrestricted warfare allowed Germany to destroy the British Naval blockade. Now Germany can use Britain’s strategy of a blockade against them, as Germany is now sinking ships that enter British waters. During the time that Germany was using unrestricted submarine warfare against ships, the Germans had sunk ships such as the William P. Frye (an American private vessel)…

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