America 's National Pastime Of Baseball Essay

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Since its grand entry in the 19th century, baseball has evolved to be one of the most popular sport nationally and to be known as America’s national pastime. This multibillion dollar industry attracts millions of fans worldwide throughout different regions. The origin of baseball is believed to have evolved from a ball-and-bat game called Seker-Hemant played by ancient Egyptians dating as far back as 2,500 BCE. Fast-forwarding time, modern day baseball began with the formation of the Cincinnati Red Socks in 1869 following with the establishment of the National League in 1876 and later the American Association in 1901. (Auerbach, 2016) It wasn’t until 1903 the Major League Baseball (MLB) was born. Baseball was seen as a recreational activity that differentiated between cities due to different versions and rules of the game, baseball did not strike its popularity until the Civil war, documentation shows high interest in this particular sport during this time period.
The Major League today consists of 30 teams that represent cities throughout the United States and Canada. In the early years of the MLB was most known for its baseball wars, legal disputes, bidding of players, threats between leagues and broken contracts. Throughout the years baseball has been associated with union avoidance and hostility over pay establishments, benefits and work rules. (Auerbach, 2016) Players have been subject to a restrictive system through which a player
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