America 's New Aristocracy And An Hereditary Meritocracy

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PS/SO 274-01
Professor Fisher
Assignment 1
September 27, 2015
America’s New Aristocracy And An Hereditary Meritocracy The United States is the developed country which has the most powerful in the world. As the development process, there are many issues occurring in everyday life and inequality is one of the top issues that people concern. America 's new aristocracy is the article that is published in The Economist on January 2015. In the article, the author argues that "as the importance of intellectual capital grows, privilege has become increasingly heritable". The author shows that brains are the most important factor leading to the succeed of people and that is the way talented people get more wealth. In general, the article is about the link between the inheritable privilege and education in the United States. The privilege is heritable from parents to their kids not only in wealth but also in intellect. Children who were born in the conditional family with higher parental income are more likely to succeed in school and get better jobs. In addition, the author talks more about the meritocracy and what parents do and how to spend money for their children to help them succeed in school. Furthermore, genes are not the main factor that decides the intelligence of people, but money plays an important role. In the article, the author also gives the solutions and suggests the ideas in order to solve the problems. The inequality in education may come from many

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