America 's New Immigration Laws

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Almost 11 million immigrants are under investigation as of 2017 due to Trump 's new immigration laws (Reuters 1). USA all started with immigrants over 300 years ago and over time restrictions have been created to limit the immigrant presence in modern day. All these bills and procedures are being put in action against immigrants, when immigrants are in fact beneficial to America due to their contributions to the economy and culture. To begin with, immigration is constantly affecting the economy. Immigration has improved numerous towns ' industrialization nationwide. Immigrants are important to our country because without them, you would ruin a lot of newly industrialized towns, “Even if you could deport mass numbers of people—an expensive…show more content…
Immigrants aren’t a problem simply fixed by deportation; it’s bigger than that it’s their lives, family, businesses. All on the line, not just a simple relocation issue. Not only do they help with industrializing towns nationwide, but also they help companies worldwide and foreign affairs. Immigrants are quite beneficial to the American economy, “…immigrants also positively benefit the economy by increasing demand, spurring investment, and keeping receiving-country industries competitive through enhancing capital productivity” (Nadadur 1). They help the economy in different ways making them one of the reasons for our well-established capitalist government with the opportunity to grow. Immigrants in the United States strengthen foreign affairs because it shows how welcome they are to people from nations everywhere they aren’t exclusive or racist or prejudice to other countries. Accepting all kinds of immigrants builds a certain kind of relationship with other countries and their citizens making immigration important to foreign affairs. Immigrants also provide a lot of jobs for the American economy. Although immigrants make jobs that require less of an education level lower in quantity, they still provide more jobs, “immigration, which makes the economy stronger and raises wages overall because, while immigrants take jobs, they also create them. Immigrants afford companies increasing investment and specialization” (Zonczal 3). With immigrants taking jobs, this leaves
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