America 's New Sense Of World Power

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Abby Thompson
Period 5
HOTA Paper
After the years of the American Civil War, America embarked on a manifest destiny, 2.0. America decided they wanted to expand their territory across the waters. There were many approaches that were suggested by previous presidents, all with the same goal: World Dominance.
The Big Stick idea was brought to light from President Theodore Roosevelt. The plan reflected many of the same impulses that were motivating domestic reforms that were taking place in America. He wanted to expand that reform to Cuba. He wanted to send a message that reflected to nations America 's new sense of world power. With this policy Presidents could exercise power unfettered and alone if he was overseas in an american territory. Roosevelt believed that a civilized (industrial) nation was to go in to uncivilized (non industrial) countries and have the right as well as the duty to intervene in the affairs of a “backward” nation to preserve order and stability, “for the sake of both nations” he said.
Venezuela, for example, had a deteriorating economy that began to renege on debts of european bankers. In response, the Roosevelt Corollary (now the Monroe Doctrine), was put into play. the Roosevelt Corollary claimed the united States had not only the right to European intervention in the Western hemisphere but also to intervene itself in the domestic affairs of its neighbors if those neighbors proved unable to maintain order and national sovereignty on their own, such…

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