America 's Ongoing Political Controversies

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A problem that needs to be addressed is America’s ongoing political controversies since 1977 is the question of whether or not to drill for oil. Clearly, It seems that the situation is much more worrisome than most people would expect. The main and obvious argument against is the environmental impact that drilling in a fragile environment like the Arctic and how big of an impact an oil spill will be. Other impacts include conflict between countries and also key players and how they affect the potential drilling for oil. Decision It takes the focus off the real cause of the oil shortage the worlds excessive consumption.The drilling may not yield much of anything.It could take years or decades before any significant amount of oil is ready for use.The reserve can be saved as a last resort decades from now when we’ve exhausted other supplies. Critics argue that we shouldn’t drill in ANWR { Arctic National wildlife refuge) because it will take 10 years for the oil produced to become available. America’s struggling economy, dismal job growth, growing national debt, and increasing reliance on hostile countries for energy make this moment the ideal time to harness our abundant energy resources in ANWR. Even some temporary good effects, they will be more than offset by bad effects, some of which could be very bad indeed. We may be reaching the limits of a finite world. If our only problem was high oil prices, then low oil prices would seem to be a solution. Unfortunately, the problem
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