America 's Policies On Drugs

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America has long been fighting a war against drugs that has seen no end in sight, and the U.S.A isn’t the only country being affected by this War on Drugs. The US government needs to take a step back and re-examine it’s approach to the illegal drug trade. The small victories here and there, (a drug seizure or a captured drug-lord), that government-filtered news programs feed you, simply don’t compare to the social harm and collateral damage that comes from this War on Drugs. America’s policies on drug enforcement, have led to illegal drug cartels gaining immense wealth and power, overcrowded prison systems and violence and terrorism in Mexico/parts of the US. The cost in blood has become too high to ignore any longer. The simple fact of the matter is that it is not a winnable war and the expenses; monetary, emotionally and physically, resulting from American policies on illegal drugs, continue to be an extreme disadvantage to everybody. Maybe once our government understands this, it can direct its efforts towards what really matters; the health and security of its citizens and communities. Things need to change fast, for the current War on drugs can only continue its disturbing trends. The first issue to look at is how making most drugs illegal, in theory, should make them less accessible to the public, but it actually does the opposite, allowing illegal drug cartels to make a huge profit and impose their will (usually with violence and terrorism) without financial…

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