America 's Political System Essay

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America 's Political System Fallow 's (2010) "How American Can Rise Again" article is a compilation of the various perspective of America 's ability to rise and fall (p. 1). But the bottom line is whether or not America 's political system is broken or not, and how it will fare in the future. Fallow (2010) argues America has been though crises and has always managed to recover. He compares America 's problems relative to other countries of the world, he describes how American has the upper hand, and what its problems are (Fallow, 2010). Finally, Fallow (2010) attempts to provide solutions. The Economist (2014) argues the constitution might be outdated for the 21st century. Brady (2014) also argues the government whether or not the government is broken. Finally, Heffner, (2014) argues our political system is broken and no longer supports America. There may be truth in the arguments of Fallow and others, and this essay will argue the problem with America is not the political system itself, but a problem with how the American political system has evolved and how it is represented. Fallow begins by making a comparison of quality of life between America and other countries, describing the "typical American" and our quality of life (Fallow, 2010, para. 2). Then compares the lesser quality of things like cell phone coverage and road conditions with China (Fallow, 2010). What he doesn 't consider in his article is maybe some people just don 't want an ugly cell tower
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