America 's Position On World War II

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“ Pearl harbor caused our nation to the course of our nation’s history and the world’s future.’’ How did the American’s position on World War II change, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor? The American’s position on World War II, changes when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Throughout the essay it will explain the America’s position on the policy of Neutrality “Isolationism” and U.S attack military weapons and also the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor before WWII.
The policy of Neutrality “Isolationism” America 's policy of neutrality and isolationism changed after the Japanese attack on Harbor. It all started in 1930 in world war 1 the great depression, when people lost their live in the battle to push the american public to the policy toward isolationism. The European and Asian were involved in the conflict of the law issues of the isolation. After that the U.S avoided the political and military across the oceans so they can continued to expand their population and their money to protect Latin America. The leader that was in the isolationist movement was President George Washington for the European wars of politics. “ After world war 1, many american did not want to involve the United States in fighting between other countries”(hyson 18). The U.S didn 't want to get involved with these problem of the country.

The american society general stayed out of war at the time in world war II. Therefor President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Neutrality Act of
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