America 's Prison System And The Justice System

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America’s prison system has become permanent part of the justice system. It was not long ago that prisoners were chained up together and perform hard labor on day to day basis. Nowadays prisons are very different and offer variety programs. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to speedy and public trial. Everything starts with a judge issue an arrest warrant. Arrest warrant must include a probable cause that someone committed a crime, as well as person name, a description of the offense, date, name of officer to whom the warrant is directed and signature issuing magistrate.. However, arrest warrant does not give the officer permission to search a premises, it is issue for person’s arrest. Arrest is define as “the taking of a person into custody for the commission of an offense as the prelude to prosecuting him for it” (Ferdico, 2013). After an arrest a person is taking into custody, and the law enforcement officer usually make sure that the person understand the reason for the arrest and provide a copy of arrest warrant to the arrested person. Short after a person is taken into police custody and have the right to speak with attorney. In next step is a scheduled court hearing the judge will make sure that the defendant understands the charges. If defendant is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt than at sentencing hearing the judge will enter a sentence. Sentencing is a big part of determine where the convicted person is going to go. The Congress passed the…
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