America 's Regional Division Is One Of A Kind

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A majority of countries around the world are divided regionally, whether that be states or provinces, and Canada 's regional division is one of a kind. Regionalism in Canada is more prevalent than anywhere else, and each region has a substantial amount of force and sway within Canada. The strength of regionalism in Canada stems from its federal government system, Canada 's geological make-up, and the prominence of the Quebecois. In the context of Canada, “region” will be considered as the provinces within Canada. Regionalism is defined as “The theory or practice of regional rather than central systems of administration or economic, cultural, or political affiliation” (Oxford Dictionary). In the case of Canada, the central government is…show more content…
13 ). The nation-wide impact of Quebec does not hold true for all regions, as they vary greatly, as the provinces within Canada cover a very large area of land. Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass, yet it is the thirty-eighth most populous country in the world. What that ratio means is a significant distance between the concentrated masses of people in Canada and the available resources from province to province vary largely due to the considerable amount of land the provinces occupy. In British Columbia, the geological make-up consists of long coastal region, rainforests, and large mountain ranges, whereas the province directly next to it is composed of flat fields and numerous pockets of oil. The economy of each province thus relies on its natural resources, and the vast difference between each province puts even more importance on the functioning of their respective provincial government. The plethora of economic sources for each province is a lot to focus on for one central federal government. A provincial government can pay attention more closely on their respective economic sources, thus giving a provincial government more power and importance. The regional economies created spur on cultures and lifestyles associated with it. Each individual province of Canada has its own unique culture and encompass other
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