America 's Residential School System

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The Canadian government saw the residential schools as the only a way to change native culture into civilized culture and this was by keeping their children away from native traditions. The purpose of the residential schools was to civilize the Indians and to make them good, useful and lawful members of society with strict punishments for any wrong doings. Richard Pratt, who was the founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, one of the very first reservation schools, proclaimed “you must kill the Indian in him; to save the man”. Canadian government adopted these ideal and the goal of residential schools was to assimilate Aboriginals into white society with the help of children as they were the influence of native people. This paper will focus on the residential school system and will argue that the Canadian government committed to mass murder of the indigenous populations in an attempt to eliminate the native culture. I will focus on the history of residential schools in Canada, the health and quality of life of the Aboriginals attending the residential schools and what has changed since the opening of the schools. When European settlers came to North America and lived with Aboriginal people, they came across the conclusion that they needed to separate native people’s children away from their parents and teach them white man’s lifestyle. Native parents taught their children not only survival skills, but native history, music, language, moral and religious…

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