America 's Residential School System

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The Canadian government saw the residential schools as the only a way to change native culture into civilized culture and this was by keeping their children away from native traditions. The purpose of the residential schools was to civilize the Indians and to make them good, useful and lawful members of society with strict punishments for any wrong doings. Richard Pratt, who was the founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, one of the very first reservation schools, proclaimed “you must kill the Indian in him; to save the man”. Canadian government adopted these ideal and the goal of residential schools was to assimilate Aboriginals into white society with the help of children as they were the influence of native people. This…show more content…
Taking away the children would soon turn their native lifestyle into a civilized lifestyle as aboriginal people would not be able to pass their teaching along. After that residential schools were established. Most European people thought that the Native culture was useless and should die. All human beings should develop and change to be like the advanced European civilized man. The residential school system in Canada was to give a disciplined based idea that encouraged aboriginal culture to be in favor of European people. The children at the age six were taken away from their parents to be sexually, physically and mentally abused, which were the teaching strategies in Residential schools. Church organizations ran the Residential schools and by doing this, they were receiving money from government. Churches were given money by per Aboriginal child, so they were taking away as many Aboriginal children as possible. These schools were located in every province in all over Canada from 1860-1884 and churches were promoting their religious and cultural beliefs. However, the torture that many young aboriginal experienced in the residential schools showed the difference between the European society and The Aboriginal society. Later a white man named “Indian Agent” was hired by the government. Indian Agent ran the reserves, also gave permission for the Indians to leave the land. Moreover, Indian agents
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