America 's Responsibility For Global Tensions With The United Soviet Socialist Republics

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Preface The following work will attempt to draw conclusions on the United States of America’s responsibility for global tensions with the United Soviet Socialist Republics, during the 20th century, using war data. This piece will attempt to discover patterns and make observational conclusions on American foreign policy through direct war data. The Correlates of War Project will serve as the source for the majority of data on American wars and American military involvement. However, the Correlates of War Project (C.O.W. Project), only provides data on American military action after 1816. But, many armed conflicts preceding 1816, played a crucial role in shaping American foreign policy and identity. Yet, historians and scholars disagree on…show more content…
Project will be documented and observed, such as the Las Cuevas War or the Korean Affair of 1871. Lastly, some separate conflicts within the C.O.W. will be combined which represent a near-identical foreign policy. Particularly, all Native American conflicts will be combined and all wars in the Caribbean region following the Spanish-American War, which share the same purpose, will be referred to as the “Banana Wars”. However, distinctly important Native American wars will be mentioned, as well as Native American wars with significant foreign involvement. American armed conflicts have been divided into three periods for organizational purposes. Therefore, the following writing will attempt to observe American responsibility for the Cold War using war information, data, and patterns. The first major period of American foreign policy began in 1756, with the outbreak of the French and Indian war, and ends with the start of the Mexican-American war in 1846. This period has been chosen because it constitutes the formation of the American nation and identity. Many military actions and wars helped shape American identity prior to independence. However, the French and Indian War was the only major war in the American region before the Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War essentially comprised the global Seven Years War within the North American theater. In Europe war began in 1754, Great Britain, Prussia, and regions of the Holy Roman Empire fought against
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