America 's Second Civil War

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I pulled the trigger to my gun. The bullet went directly into the shoulder of the Boss. I hit the other psycho in the head with my gun. Then I told the family to call the cops and not mention me. I got the hell out of there. When I got home I took off all of my clothes, put new ones on, then burned them.

Let 's fast forward two years later. I 'm married. And I 'm also serving my last few days in the U.S. Military. I 'm here with my childhood friend, Austin. I started talking to him the day after I ran from the gang, and we hit the bar to catch up with each other. The rest of my team consisted of Pvt. Ragan, and Sgt. Blackwood. We were Blood Brothers.

Just my luck, on my last mission of service I killed the man responsible for America 's second civil war. Roderick Ryder. Ryder was making a run for his escape chopper, and Blackwood ordered me to stop him. He got in the helicopter, and with my VKS Vykhlop Sniper Rifle I managed to pick off the pilot. While Ryder was crawling out, I kicked him in the face and put one in between his eyes.

A day later were packing to go home and I 'm told that my wife was captured by the notorious Ko Gue Gang. I save America, and this is how it pays me backs. I didn 't know what I was expecting to happen. It was obvious that the gang I ran from would be back, and after me. After my family. I should 've killed my old boss. And that psycho with the knives. And the whole damn gang.

I explained everything to Austin while we were standing

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