America 's Spending On The Prison System

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America holds 16.3 trillion dollars in debt and the debt continues to increase for the next twenty years. Arizona follows with the accumulating debt of 42.7 billion dollars. Arizona crimes rates increased in the last decade and the state now serves over 42,000 inmates by providing food and cells at the taxpayers’ expense. To accommodate the numerous prisoners, Arizona expanded the spending on the prison system while ignoring methods that cut state’s expense and the escalating crime rate. Instead of wasting taxpayers’ precious dollars and overcrowding prisons, Arizona Legislatures must focus on finding new reforms to limit the population and cost of prisons without harming its citizens.
Allowing elderly convicts the option to stay inside their home or nursing home removes the burden of Arizona constantly providing for these elderly. Connecticut created 60 West, a nursing home that catered to elderly prisoners, that saved “more than $5 million in corrections health care costs annually” (Vestal). Critics of the this new reform system argued that allowing convicts admission into nursing home remains just as expensive as allowing convicts to serve the rest of their sentence in prison. Connecticut disproved this theory by demonstrating that better equipped nursing facilities accommodates elderly criminals cheaper than a penal institution. Florida, a state known for its aging population, announced by “releasing this low-risk prison population to spend their final years at home, and

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