America 's Territorial Integrity And National Interest

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201313234 Prelim Paper States by nature shall always uplift and protect their own territorial integrity and national interest against interventions through different approaches to survive. Hence, Philippines’ move in securing its territorial integrity through applying such approach as to say filing an arbitration case against China or other approaches if obligatory is necessary and inevitable due to the surrounding circumstances of the case. A week after the release of the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration regarding the issue in the West Philippine Sea, the verdict had drawn both hope and frustration to Filipinos dreaming for the occupation in the disputed islands. Hope in the sense that the unanimous vote in the tribunal can be used as an essential chip in dealing with China and it can be a game-changer for the successfulness of their aspiration. At the same time, it also brought frustrations to Filipinos, after President Xi Jinping asserted that, “China’s territorial sovereignty and marine rights in the seas will not be affected by the ruling”, according to The Guardian, 2016. Moreover, the column also reported the statement from the Chinese Government insisting that “Chinese people firmly oppose the ruling and will neither acknowledge it nor accept it”. These strong statements from China imply their rogueness with regard to this issue. These are proclamations of them prolonging the bullying to the Philippines in the form of deprivation. Liberalism
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