America 's Value Of Labor

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In early America the value of Labor was very high, especially labor that was cheap and affordable, when it came to working in the fields harvesting crops and other jobs around plantations and farms. This demand caused and influx of Europeans to come to the new world for opportunity as an indentured servant. Meaning they would work certain term of years along with slaves working the fields and harvesting the crops to pay for their voyage to the new world. Servants also were looked upon in the same manner as slaves receiving similar punishments in the beginning. But, as time went on the treatment began to change in favor of the servants.
Many times as the servants as they arrived in the beginning realized just how hard they had to work on the plantations. Young Men and Woman being put to work and treated just as bad as slaves as stated before. Their treatment was to the point that a ship’s captain refused transport to Virginia sating “were sold heere upp and downe like horses”. Showing just how similar to slaves they were treated being bought and sold like livestock. There also was cases when indentured servants tried to run away from their plantations, in these cases the indentured servant was punished the same as a slave. For example from the document Notes on Indentured servitude on pages thirty eight to thirty nine talked about the punishments of the indentured servants that ran away or committed a crime. On October thirteenth, 1640 the court ordered Wm Wootton and
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