America 's War On Drugs

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The term “War on drugs” was first announced when President Richard Nixon created a volume of programs intended to suppress the consumption of certain recreational drugs in 1972. It marked the beginning for the era of mandatory minimum sentencing, privatized prisons, racism, and constituency that profits as a result of the illegal drugs. The “Just Say No” and the D.A.R.E. campaign were created to help youths from starting to use drugs but they were not effective. Treatment programs have directed their attention to current drug user and to stop future drug users. The war on drugs war that is being fought our backyards every day. This is a war that cannot be won by military arms or peace treaties but we must uphold those responsible that our law makers and legislators have set for society. The number of those fallen will be calculated by the legalization of drugs. There deaths can be compared to a soldier killed in battle if drugs become legal. The stories of convicted felons families, friends, and communities are shaped by the overreaching arm of the prison industrial complex. This “war on drugs,” which all subsequent presidents have embraced, has created a behemoth of courts, jails, and prisons that have done little to decrease the use of drugs while doing much to create confusion and hardship in families of color and urban communities. It is motivated by politics as a way to gain a profit. The US government spends a great deal of money trying to fight the war and drug…

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