America 's War On Drugs

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The “War on Drugs” has been a hot topic for several decades in the United States. The argument for the success of this campaign usually varies depending on one’s political affiliation. The government handled the ongoing campaign differently with each new administration taking command, most of them having no little success. The fact of the matter is that the ideal of a “drug free civilization” is far from reality. The world is coming to terms that the various drug-fighting programs across the world are not producing the desired results. In fact, UN Office on Drugs and Crime doesn’t publicly aspire to reach a drug-free world. That wishful scenario seems very close to impossible at this moment. The office biggest claim to fame is that that the international drug markets have stabilized, which is not very optimistic. One might ask why and this “War on Drugs” came about. A major factor for the creation of the crusade was the rise in popularity of illegal drugs among young white Americans. In the late1960s’ America, drugs were vastly available and very much mainstream in that society. On the June 17, 1971, President Nixon declared a “War on Drugs.” During the Nixon’s announcement of the war, he declares that the number one enemy to the country was drug abuse among its citizens. A product of President Nixon’s battle with drugs was the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). At the time, marijuana became a public issue among the parents of the country because of its high use among

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