America 's War On Drugs

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America’s War on Drugs: A Battle against Drugs or a display of Racial Intolerance?
Sharon Curry-Robinson,
Duval County Court Bailiff
Florida Gulf Coast University

America’s War on Drugs 3


It was surprising to learn that, while the United States makes up just five percent of the world population, over twenty-five percent of the world’s detainees are from the United States. Yes, at a projected figure of more than 1.58 million inmates, the United States has the largest prison system in the world, (Glaze, 2014). These incarcerates are held in federal prisons, penitentiaries, and jails. They are also probates, as well as being held under house arrests. A large number of those incarcerated have lost their freedom because of some type of drug involvement. Levinthal (2012) further states that “Today, more than 50 percent of all federal prisons inmates are serving time for drug-related offenses, more than any other type of criminal offenses.” (p.88) Levinthal additional indicated that “Once certain drugs were considered the “in thing”, because it was an expensive habit and only accessible to the rich.” For example, cocaine became a symbol of opulence and trendiness. On the other hand crack cocaine, a rock form of the drug, was associated with the poor, underprivileged, in other words, the stereotypical African American man. About 600,000 0f the 2.4 million people using cocaine use the…

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