America 's World War II

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There is no doubt that America’s World War II is a rich source of literature and a theme for many writers. As result, they wrote many works about war literature, such as novels, poetry, plays, diaries, and personal narrative. The American Literature was formed by the history of the state that produced it just like in other nationwide literature. America was just a cluster of colonies scattered alongside the eastern seaboard of the North American continent for approximately a century and a half. After they had succeeded in the rebellion against the motherland, it was named the Unites States (Skipp, pg. 45). The rise of science and industry during all these struggles of power as well as changes in the ways of thinking and feeling created many alterations in people’s lives. All these factors led to the molding of the American literature. American literature at first was perceptibly a colonial writing by authors who were Englishmen. American writing began with the work of the English adventures and the colonists in the new world principally for the interest of readers in the mother country. The World War II which involved a vast majority of the world’s nations began in 1939 and lasted in 1949 (Meredith, pg. 67). This conflict led to a severe worldwide economic depression also referred to as The Great Depression in the decade preceding World War II. This condition caused many people to search for jobs in America. These concepts had a compelling force

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