Americah And 1984 Comparative Essay

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In the novels, Americanah by Adichie and 1984 by Orwell, the relation between men and women in both novel depends on the freedom, which reflects both societies differently. In 1984, the dystopian world is a strict and traditional controlled by Big Brother and his Party. Men and women are only supposed to have sexual intercourse for reproduction and creating children to serve the party. They were not supposed to have sexual relationship outside of marriage. If they were caught by the Party, they used the sexual impulses of the members and harnessed it into the Two Minutes Hate so that they can expel any urges. Similarly, the Party tries to remove love and sexual pleasure, there is not supposed to be any love between a husband and wife. They are only supposed to love Big Brother so that members remain loyal. They are also trying…show more content…
For example, when Ifemelu purposely ruined her relationship with Curt by cheating on him with a rich white man. Ifemelu goes back to her apartment and cries and wondered why she destroyed the relationship when it had been so good to her. She spends weeks calling Curt and waiting outside his building, but finally accepts the reality. Still she felt like there is something wrong, like she is always restless and incomplete within herself,
Whereas the men in this book, were shown weak, they were not supposed to express their emotions. For example, Dike’s sudden suicide attempt was one thing and another is Obinze not able to express what he felt about his wife, about Ifemelu. He used to say something else and do something else.
In conclusion, both books have different relations between men and women which reflected the society differently. In 1984, they wanted express their emotions but they did not had freedom to do that, whereas in Ameriacanah, where they had complete freedom to express their feelings, they are not able to express
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