Americah By Ifemelu Essay Questions

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For the first time in my entire life, I realized that a few very prominent questions that have lingered in my mind are not abnormal or different. Adichie addresses a multitude of different single stories that, with great sadness, I too have witnessed. Early on during elementary schooling, around 5th grade, I had come to realize that Africa did not need a pity party. I had no clue that there were other types of immigrants besides Mexican immigrants until I was in 7th grade. When a friend of mine overlooked the dedication I invested in my sophomore year finals in reference to my race, it was brought to my attention that my achievement was not obtained solely because I was Asian, the achievement was obtained due to my hard work and devotion to…show more content…
These single stories that, in turn, construct a vast amount of stereotypes in regards to the millions of varieties of humans, are ever-so extrusive in the novel, Americanah. Ifemelu tells a mesmerizing story encapsulating various themes most authors are able to tiptoe by but never focus on. Some of my favorite most memorable stories occur during the time Ifemelu is first introduced to full-fledged America, such as the absolute inability to refer to black people as black, the constant need to express unadulterated sympathy for all of the African countries regardless of their economic or political status, and the blatant association of a foreign accent with stupidity.
The fluidity of each story results in an easy-to-understand message that even the blind and the bigoted would be able to understand, which, what I believe was Adichie’s exact goal all along. These single stories present in Americanah are immensely crucial in the sense of revealing those who choose to deny the blatant racism that remains eminently prominent in our society, educating those who unknowingly overlook it, or bringing to attention the stories people in America experience every day in their lives without
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