American Americans From Hawaii And Around The World

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Imagine it is December 7th, 1941 and you are brushing your teeth to go to church, and then you hear the Japanese has bombed Pearl Harbor. Later imagine your family and friends who were Japanese American and religious leaders, local business owners and people who went to school in Japan being taken to internment camps. At this point they labeled all Japanese American citizens as enemy aliens and unable to serve in the United States Military. This all changed in 1943 and as soon as Daniel K. Inouye found out, he ran to volunteer to serve the United States of America. This was the start of his decorated military and congressional career. During the war Daniel Inouye became a decorated war veteran who lost an arm and went on to being awarded the Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. He also went on to being the first senator from Hawaii and never lost an election in 58 years. Daniel Inouye is now a role model to many Japanese Americans from Hawaii and around the world. Just imagine how ecstatic Daniel Inouye was when he received the Medal of Honor in 2000 from then President Clinton. You can only achieve this when you display specific leadership traits and make ethical decisions. Daniel Inouye was a visionary leader who displayed idealized influence throughout his career and intellectual empathy to reduce prejudice. Not only was he a visionary leader, but he was an ethical leader who valued his own morals and lived his life by them. He also had intellectual

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