American And Australian Federalism : Similarities Between The Us And Australia 's Federalist System

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American and Australian Federalism

When looking at American and Australian federalism from afar, they look very similar, but if you look just a little bit closer you can see how differently these two systems operate. Some similarities that consist in their two systems are: they are federations, each have written constitutions that distinctly describe the roles of each branch of government, both have elections regularly where the people elect other people to represent them, the rules and responsibilities for the executive government in carrying out the daily running of the nation are similar, and much more. But there are many more differences in these two systems that similarities. Some of the main differences are that the US is a republic, while Australia is a constitutional monarchy, and the US head of state is the President while Australia’s is the Queen.

The similarities between the US and Australia’s federalist system and are many. One similarity is the written constitution. The two constitutions describe the roles and responsibilities of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Both constitutions can also be amended. There are also similarities in their election processes and systems of representation. Both elect only one member to the House of Representative, and a uniform number of senators regardless of the size and population of the state they 're representing. Each country also has a head of state, but nothing about them is akin. While the two heads
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