American And Dutch Missionaries During The 19th Century

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In late 19th Century, American and Dutch missionaries started to getting in to Korea to share a gospel. Some of them just got killed without sharing any good news. Among many of the missionaries, there was one missionary who got killed as soon as he got landed. This missionary is very special in Korean church’s history. Because right before he got executed, he gave small bible to the executioner. On that time, excutioner’s were the ones who were poor and illiterate. However, since the quality of the paper was really good, he tore up the each of the papers to use as a wallpaper. And that house became the first church in Korea. Anyways, in the earlier history of Korean Christianity, there was a funny story. It was also happeened to the Jewish christians also, however, as we do every first Sunday of the month, all the christians around the globe share a communion at least once a month. As Christ said, “For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink,” (v.55) non-christians accused christians as cannibalists. Non-christians did not know what it means to have a flesh and blood of Christ. So I like to ask you all that, do you know what it means? Do you know what the church means? Moreover, do you know what is the church? Some of you might wonder how can I talk about church, even though today’s scripture talk about Holy Communion. So this is how United Methodist stated on Holy Communion, “. .We believe the Lord 's Supper is a representation of our redemption, a memorial of

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