American And Mexican American Culture

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Mexican American
Being a Latina born in America and growing up here, I was taught celebrating American culture like, Memorial, independence and Labor Day, with the explosion of bright colorful fireworks, the smell of fire when turning on the grill and the best part; no school! Also celebrating Christmas and new year’s the American way, going to church, eating, and opening presents on Christmas day. It wasn’t until 4 years ago I went to Mexico and realized there’s more to my own rooted culture and how lucky I am to have both the American and Mexican culture in my life realizing the generation of Mexican Americans are forming their own culture with both lifestyles. One of the holidays I celebrated in Mexico was the day of the dead, or as called in Spanish “El Dia de Los Muertos”, which could be considered as Halloween in the America. It is first not celebrated only one day which is October 31st on Halloween. It is celebrated October 31st through November 1st, there is no running towards the neighborhood and ringing doorbells for candy, not even dressing up as a princess or your favorite super hero. Four years ago, I was 13, you could say I was disappointed I didn’t get to dress up. I was in confusion and upset that they were missing out on dressing up and getting free candy. The next day my mom told me I would be able to dress up, but not in a costume, in a Mexican traditional dress with bright colors, my hair in a crowned braid and my face painted as a skull. I was
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