American Antebellum Slavery And The Civil War

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The dictionary definition of an apologist is, “one who speaks or writes in defense of someone or something.” It also defines elide as to, “to leave out of consideration.” Two key terms to understand when talking about American antebellum slavery. One might put their soul at ease by the enduring thought that southern slaves were treated amicably; however, this is not the truth. Slave holders and their apologist alike wanted their fellow citizens to feel as though their slaves were conditioned to superior treatment and conditions. Eliding that free black life and slavery were synonymous...This could not be portrayed more inaccurately. Ira Berlin introduces Solomon Northup 's memoir, 12 Years A Slave, depicting slaves as, “cogs in a great…show more content…
Moss might be used were it not that it directly breeds a swarm of flies.” Superior conditions, indeed. The slaves work in the field ceased at sunset, but this only began their second shift. All slaves had some form of chore they were responsible for, whether feeding the animals or cutting wood; conversely, when they get to retreat to their lavish cabins, the plantation hands proceeded to kindle their fire, ground corn mean in a small hand-mill and prep their food for their next day of leisurely field work. There was no rest for the weary. The women were forced into sexual submissions by their masters. The riches do not end there; there is more, Berlin describes the demeanor of the slaves in their submissions, “slaves learned to lower their eyes, take off their hats, and bare their heads in front of a white man – the “down-cast eyes and uncovered head – in the attitude and language of a slave.” Southern slaveholders in the 19th century were completely delusional...The claim, that their slaves were treated superior, was merely to ease their own subconscious; moreover, they presumed that this mentality would give them a chance to hide behind false pretenses, then maybe, the rest of the world would not get a glimpse into their sick and demented ways. However, slaveholders trying to persuade society of this mindset, are nothing more than awful jesters that are not
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