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Brand Positioning American Apparel itself wants to be seen as a stylish, no-factory, domestically made brand, inferring from its headline “Fashionable Basics. Sweatshop Free. Made in USA.” The company also wants to be seen as a socially and environmentally conscious brand that sells high quality knitwear with a simple design aesthetic. American Apparel will continue to target a large, diverse market of young urbanites that see themselves as unique instead of as part of a generic, mainstream fashion culture. By highlighting a diverse offering of classic fashion pieces in a variety of unique colours, cuts and styles, American Apparel offers a fashionable alternative to the same-old department store look. Additionally, it also…show more content…
Imagery The visual direction of American Apparel products is widely recognizable and prominently known for depicting a soft, sexual implication. These suggestive images and videos can be viewed through its advertising campaigns, product shots and product slideshow series. To further elaborate the point, various shots of American Apparel models subtly reveal their private parts in its product shots on the e-commerce site, Also, these models are seen getting into sexually suggestive poses. Due to its provocative and raw nature of representing these models, the brand’s bold approach in its visual form has allowed them to create a certain signature for themselves and distinguish itself, in terms of identity, from the rest in a highly saturated and competitive retail market today. At the same time, the world-renowned retailer takes pride in its concept of Natural Beauty and encourages its target audiences to be comfortable in their natural skin and state. The company’s brand appearance keeps up to that aesthetic with its models’ make-up being kept to a bare minimum as well as disapproving the use of air-brushing. In addition, these featured models on the website are either amateurs in the modeling industry or ordinary people scouted from the streets and American Apparel
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