American Art Collection At The Fred Jones Jr. Museum Of Art

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As I explored the James T. Bialac Native American Art Collection at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, I came across two paintings that really stood out to me because of their relevance to what we have been learning in class. In muted tones of blue and yellow, Harry Oosahwee’s (Cherokee) One Fall Morning depicts a Cherokee family in a barren rural landscape; animals and plants dot the landscape, and a small wooden house sits on the far right of the painting accompanied by a father, mother, and child to the left.
Oosahwee painted this acrylic on paper painting in 1980; although the image of this photo appears old, due to the architecture and clothing, there is one clue that brings the painting to the 20th century – the Chuck Taylor’s on the mother’s feet. Without the presence of the shoes, this painting could appear to be from any era, as the Cherokee family is performing traditional activities that have been passed down generation to generation. A father in denim overalls and a wide brim hat sits on a tree stump, carving a piece of wood, while a young child looks up at him enthralled in what the father is doing or saying. To the left of the father and child is the mother standing above a churn; wearing a traditional smock and being watched by the family dog as she prepares kanuchi. Aside from the dog, there are also a few chickens pecking at the ground to the left of the mother, birds in the sky, and a cat near the bottom right observing everything going on.
I think the…
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